DIY Pumpkin Topiary

Since we moved into our new home, I have been DYING to decorate it! I want to buy ALL THE THINGS to make each room look like it belongs in a magazine. Not only am I pining to buy “permanent” decor items, but the new space makes me excited to invest in seasonal decorations as well. Unfortunately buying lots of things costs lots of money and since we started with no bed, no couch, and no television, seasonal decorations are pretty low on the priority list.

Over the weekend Michael’s had a great sale on all their fall and Halloween decor, so while the taste tester was slaving away cleaning the basement, his mother and I made a quick trip to Michael’s and Home Goods to pick up a few things to make our new house more homey.

This is a project I had my eye on for awhile and I am please to say it came together almost exactly as I had hoped. However, there are several things I did that made it much more difficult, so this is more of a tutorial in what NOT to do, but I hope this helps.

Pumpkin Topiary

First, you will need to following supplies:

  • Three fake pumpkins, either of the same size of small, medium, and large. TIP: When you are choosing your pumpkins, try to choose those that are perfectly round. My pumpkins were made to look like “real” pumpkins and were therefore asymmetrical. This meant that from some angles my topiary looked straight and from others it looked lopsided. If you buy round pumpkins, you will be able to spin it around more easily.
  • Glue. I used Gorilla but a hot glue gun may work better.
  • A saw or very good knife (and if you are like me, a male to handle all the sharp objects).
  • A base for your topiary such as a basket, planter, or flower pot. TIP: When choosing your base, try to find something that your pumpkin will nestle into perfectly. This will allow you to glue the pumpkin in place and make your topiary much more sturdy. If you ignore this advice you will also need something to level your pumpkin, I used rocks but a round wreath would also work nicely. Depending on size, you may also need paper or tissue to prop up your pumpkin inside the base.
  • Ribbon (optional).
  • If you choose to make the “BOO” sign, you will also need letters, gold glitter tape or glue, and thread.

Pumpkin Topiary

The Process:

  • First, choose your ugliest or most asymmetrical pumpkin and use this for the base. Turn the pumpkin over so that it is stem side DOWN and you have a nice flat base on top. Glue the pumpkin into place and level it with paper/tissue/rocks if needed. Make sure this pumpkin is sturdy.
  • Next, use your saw or knife to remove the stem from the second pumpkin so that it has two flat sides. Attach it stem side UP to the bottom pumpkin using glue. It is a good idea to choose which side will be the front and make sure your pumpkin looks nice and straight.
  • Glue the third pumpkin on top. Viola, you have just created a topiary. This is the easy part.
  • I also included “BOO” on my pumpkins, but I wanted to make this removable so that I can keep the topiary out until Thanksgiving. First, cover the letters in glitter tape or paint and allow to dry. There are two approaches to attaching the “BOO” letters. First, if your topiary looks nice and straight from all angles, simply attach the letters directly to the pumpkins and after Halloween you can turn the topiary around. This will obviously only work if you are putting your topiary somewhere that the back is hidden. If your topiary only has one “good side” you can simply make a removable BOO as I did. This step takes much trial and error. First, use thread to create a loop and hang the B from the stem of the top pumpkin. Getting the length just right is the most difficult part. Then, attach the first O to the B and the second O to the first O. Again, to get the desired length it just takes practice.
  • Finally, finish with a bow using fall ribbon. There is a great tutorial here. I made the bow and then glued it onto the base.

I hope you found this little tutorial helpful! Trust me, I am not very crafty so if I can do this, so can you! All the supplies I used were purchased on sale from Michael’s, with the exception of the base which is from Ace Hardware. Before you head out to Michael’s, make sure to visit their website to find the most recent coupons!

Happy Crafting and Happy FALL!

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