Weekly Meal Plan: What We’re Eating (or interested in eating) This Week

One thing many healthy lifestyle and food blogs agree on is meal plans. If you want to eat healthier, lose weight, live a healthier life, etc.; it seems that the key is meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. I don’t disagree. Knowing what you are going to eat for the week definitely takes a lot of the opportunities for “bad” eating off the table. When we are pressed for time, stressed, and most importantly HUNGRY (or even hangry), it opens the door to bad food decisions that we may live to regret. Setting aside time on Saturday or Sunday to prepare for the coming week can make a huge difference in the success of failure of your healthy eating plans.

To help keep myself honest, each weekend, I will share my weekly meal plan with you. Hopefully, you will find it inspiring and it can be a useful resource in planning your week as well. This will also help ME in actually planning my meals and thinking about the coming week. I will share what challenges I anticipate for the week and how I plan to deal with them.  So without further ado I present:

This week’s challenges:

This week officially kicks off “busy season” at my place of employment. I don’t share much about my work-life on the blog, mostly because it’s extremely boring. I am a lawyer by training, but I actually work in tax consulting at a public accounting firm. “Busy season” is a term that is simultaneously completely meaningless to anyone who has never worked in this industry and extremely meaningful to anyone who has. Basically, everyone is EXPECTED to work at least 55 hours/week and most will be required to work substantially more than that.

On the plus side (sort of), my employer caters dinner every night. This is a plus obviously (free dinner!), but also a minus (you will not be eating dinner with your family!). Also, the dinners usually aren’t exactly healthy. So, I haven’t decided yet how exactly I will deal with this. Do I try to make 5 dinners over the weekend and pack them each night? Or do I give up and just try to eat as healthy as I can? The answer will really depend on exactly how busy I am, whether I am working weekends, and how the dinner options look. So, not exactly a great plan.

This week, I am hoping to not be  TOO busy and thus make it home in time to throw together some simple meals.

The Meal Plan: Dinners

  • Sunday/Monday: On Sunday I am making coffee pot roast with sweet potatoes and carrots, we will have leftovers on Monday (and possibly later in the week as well).
  • Tuesday: Salmon (another recipe from Cooking Light magazine). If we like it, I will share the recipe.
  • Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: This will depend on my schedule and how much leftover pot roast we have. Options that I am prepared to make are: fajitas, millet & Chickpea bowls, lemon chicken with couscous, or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

So, it’s not exactly a “plan” in the traditional sense, but it is enough of a plan that we won’t resort to eating fast food or go hungry.

The Meal Plan: Lunches

I am the only one who packs lunch every day, TT does his own thing. This week, I am packing a lettuce salad, with homemade ranch or homemade Dijon vinaigrette (recipes forthcoming). I also slice one cucumber and divide it between 5 days, with a big dollop of Greek yogurt for dipping; this week I may include some pepper slices or carrots. I will round this out with either a soup from the freezer (probably this one) or a yogurt. I bought flavored yogurts last week when TT was sick, I won’t buy them again because they are full of sugar!

For a snack I will bring a clementine and/or almonds.

The Meal Plan: Breakfast

This week, breakfast will be Bulletproof coffee or this protein (vanilla flavored) mixed with almond milk and flaxseed.

Sunday Food Prep

  • Make pot roast
  • Wash lettuce and portion into individual baggies (wrapped in slightly damp paper towel for freshness)
  • Wash cucumber (& other veggies) and portion into 5 containers along with my yogurt
  • Portion salad dressing into 5 portable containers
  • Grind enough coffee for 10 Bulletproof coffees (me & TT)
  • Make horseradish sauce for salmon

Food I’m Stalking Around the Web (do people still say web?)

  • Just read about this recipe on Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity. Hopefully I can add a variation of it to the plan next week. Tofu is still healthy if it’s fried, right?
  • This recipe was also in my Cooking Light magazine. I am not big on pork but we may give it a go. (And, I promise, still #notsponsered)
  • TT and I made homemade pizza this weekend. We used this crust recipe and some tips from this article. I am working on developing a how-to post because it was, in a word, AWESOME.
  • Looking forward to pigging out at our annual brunch next weekend. Every year, as a Christmas present, we go to a local country club (Fox Hills for locals) for their brunch buffet. Every year, I make myself sick on shrimp cocktails, cheese, waffles, and ice cream. #sophisticated

Are you meal planning today? Do you find this meal plan helpful or inspiring? I appreciate any and all comments or suggestions! Have a great week!

Disclaimer: I know I promised you like, 10 recipes in the works in the post. I also know I resolved to blog more often in 2107. But, see above about BUSY SEASON and please forgive me if I am a little slow in getting these posts out at this time of the year. February 6, you could not get here soon enough!

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