Challah French Toast

This post should really be titled “Challah French Toast: After 28 years on earth I finally made French Toast that doesn’t suck.” During my entire life, up until at least age 22, I don’t think I ever ate any type of French Toast. Certainly not Challah French Toast. I am sure I tasted it at some point, but I honestly do not recall ever having it. It wasn’t on my radar at all. My parents made the most delicious pancakes and waffles, but French Toast just wasn’t on the radar. And I was perfectly happy that way. In fact, I probably would have happily gone through life never eating French Toast.

BUT, there’s always a but. But, I met the Taste Tester. And French Toast is very much on his radar. He loves it. And he is also very particular about it. His mom makes delicious French Toast. All the mornings I was at home eating food-colored pancakes or chocolate chip waffles topped with Hershey’s chocolate syrup (yes-my mom was that awesome), TT was at home eating French Toast. All of this would be well and good had breakfast not become one of our all time favorite lazy weekend activities. We love to sleep in then lazily have coffee while I make delicious brunch spreads. On some weekends it might be the only meal we eat all day. Read more

An Easy Quiche

There are approximately 100 million recipes for quiche on the internet (that’s a rough approximation). You don’t need another one. BUT, you need this one. More importantly, you need to know how this easy quiche can fit into your life. Specifically, you need to know exactly how this particular quiche recipe can make your life a one million times easier. Ready to have your mind blown? Okay here we go.

First, you need to know why I love THIS particular easy quiche recipe. I love it because it is so dead simple that it is impossible to screw up. This is coming from the person who almost served a RAW quiche to her entire family of in-laws. Even I can make this easy quiche. This recipe is so darned simple because I 100% made it up myself. The problem I continually have with quiche recipes is I never have the stuff on hand to actually make them. There is an approximately 0.003% chance I will have ham on-hand on any given day (that’s 1/365, because 1 day per year I WILL have ham in my fridge and that day is Dec. 26). I don’t keep my fridge stocked with fancy French cheeses. I occasionally have broccoli but I find that I don’t really care for the taste of broccoli in quiche. So, I made this easy quiche recipe out of necessity from never ever having the ingredients to make a proper quiche recipe on-hand. Read more

Sweet Potato Breakfast Pizza

Sweet potatoes have a special place in the heart of both the taste tester and myself. In the first 26 years I spent on earth, I cannot think of a single time, outside of Thanksgiving, that I ate a sweet potato. Then, seemingly all of the sudden, around 2012, sweet potatoes started having a “moment.” Sweet potato fries started popping up on menus and it seemed that their popularity soared. Or maybe that was only in my head. Maybe the sweet potatoes were there all along and I just hadn’t bothered to notice.

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