Chickpea Party Mix

What’s your favorite snack food? It’s hard to pick just one. There are many, many versions of chips, nachos, dips, etc. that I can eat without stopping. But, if I had to pick just one thing that can be found in a bag, I have to choose party mix. My number one favorite is that Gardetto’s brand party mix that my parents used to take in the car on every road trip, along with Milk Duds and maybe some Twizzlers. And of course Gatorade for my dad. A close second would be Chex mix, which is quite similar to Gardetto’s except for what it adds in crunchy cereal goodness it detracts in subpar rye chips. Read more

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? If you did, have you abandoned them yet? Because New Year’s Day is a holiday and my workplace observed the holiday yesterday (Monday), I decided not to start my New Year’s resolutions until today. So far, I am 100% on-track to achieving my resolutions, but it’s only been one day.

According to statistics, most of us (somewhere between 80-92%, studies disagree), will totally fail at our New Year’s resolutions. Why is that? Well, it seems most of us make resolutions that are either impossible to achieve or impossible to gauge success. For example, maybe you resolved to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. Well, how exactly can you measure that? Technically, if you lose one pound, you have “lost weight.” But, I imagine most who resolve to lose weight want to lose more than 1 pound. And, what if you lose 5 or even 10 pounds┬ábut then gain it all back over the course of the year?

So, today, as we officially get back into our new year routines, let’s take a minute to re-vamp our resolutions and set ourselves up for success, shall we? Read more