How to Save Burnt Baked Goods-Kitchen Fail Friday

When I shared my recent fish-related kitchen fail two Fridays ago, I indicated that kitchen fail Friday would be a semi-regular column. Who would have thought that I would have another hilarious fail only two days after that post? The Taste Tester, that’s who. I didn’t share last Friday due to the holiday weekend. I am back this week with a fail and it is a good one. First, I will share the story, then I will tell you how to save burnt baked goods, should you ever find yourself in that situation.

Last weekend, I was cleaning out my fridge and freezer in preparation for my parents’ visit over July 4th weekend. They always bring tons of fresh produce and farm fresh eggs, plus the addition of two people to the house means fridge space is minimal. During my clean-out, I noticed five cups of frozen zucchini bread from last summer. My standard zucchini bread recipe only calls for two cups of zucchini, so this discovery meant I could make my recipe 2.5 times over.

I pulled out three different zucchini bread recipes: my “standard” aka unhealthy recipe, my healthy recipe, and a chocolate zucchini bread recipe I wanted to try and give a healthy make-over. I decided to make a batch of the unhealthy bread so that the Taste Tester could take over a nice treat to his grandparents. I would work out the healthy recipes to keep at home. So, I set out three bowls and got to work. Read more

Kitchen Fail Friday: A Recipe for Divorce

Although I call myself a food blogger, it’s no secret that I can be less than adept in the kitchen at times. In the spirit of increased transparency and hilarity, I would like to start running a semi-regular column known as Kitchen Fail Friday. I will regale you with stories of my latest or all time greatest kitchen disasters. Then, you can tell me your latest and greatest kitchen fails in the comments. I say semi-regular instead of regular in hopes that I don’t have a kitchen fail to share every week! But, let’s be real, they seem to still be racking up. The more adventurous you are in the kitchen the more likely you will be to have the occasional disaster, right? Let’s laugh along with each other as we share our kitchen fails and chalk them up as “learning experiences.” After all, “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.” Read more