Farmer’s Market Recipe: Greek Pasta Salad

I am always on the hunt for a good Farmer’s Market Recipe! Mostly because I absolutely love the Farmer’s Market! Like, I am borderline obsessed. When my parents came to visit last fall, we went to two Famer’s Markets-in one day. Maybe not everyone’s idea of a good time but I was in heaven. As with anything in life that I love, I have a tendency to overdo it at the Farmer’s Market.. I tend to buy whatever looks good and then figure out what to do with it later. This has lead to over-purchasing on more than one occasion. Read more

Greek Quinoa Salad

You guys probably aren’t aware of this, because up to this point they have been unmentioned, but I, like most people, live life according to a certain set of rules or principles, if you will. Some are pre-determined by a higher power (Thou shalt not steal), or the government (speed limits, grrr) and some I impose upon myself. One of the rules that I have created for myself is that I never, EVER buy tomatoes at the grocery store. I LOVE tomatoes, like seriously, all caps, L-O-V-E! But, the so-called “tomatoes” sold out of season at the grocery store are nothing close to a vine-ripened tomato pulled from your own backyard in late July. It’s not even the same food. And a tomato that’s been kept in the fridge? Bleck! So, grocery store tomatoes=waste of money. Read more

Broccoli That Doesn’t Taste Like Broccoli

President Obama claims his favorite food is broccoli. Now, I don’t want to get overly political in my very first blog post, but I’m calling BS. I don’t think anyone’s favorite food is broccoli. There are just so many better choices. Broccoli is, however, good for you. Like really good, basically one of the best things you can eat. So, I do try to work it into my diet pretty regularly. I try to do so in ways that don’t involve smothering it with cheese or adding a bunch of unnecessary calories because I would rather save my limited amount of daily calories for something really enjoyable instead of something masking enhancing the taste of vegetables.

Broc Best ZoomThat’s where this broccoli comes in. Read more