We now interrupt this food blog to bring you . . .


Where have I been? Why did I drop off the earth after hosting the world’s worst Mother’s Day Brunch? Did I die from embarrassment? Did I vow to never cook or serve food to other people again? Did I slip into a depression so fierce I couldn’t get out of bed?

No, nothing of the sort.

The taste tester and I GOT MARRIED!

I know I don’t talk about a lot of personal stuff on the blog. The taste tester is a rather private person. But, I owed you an explanation.

Some of you may know we were already married . . . legally. But, this past June, we finally had a proper wedding. Yes, a 100 person, white dress, church, 6 person band, mile long wedding registry, two bridal shower wedding!

But that was over a month ago and since then I have been lazy with a capital L. Just enjoying the summer and working and putting away all my wonderful new wedding gifts.

But, I’m back. And I might just have some wedding related posts to share with you such as:

How to DIY wedding invitations.

How to DIY wedding paper (and where to have it printed!)

My pre-wedding diet and exercise plan. (and how my Fitbit played into that!)

How to DIY wedding flowers (or, more accurately, how to claim you can DIY wedding flowers then make your sister and her boyfriend do all the work)

Wanna know anything else? Just ASK!