Sweet Potato Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

This recipe was a complete accident. A delicious accident, but an accident nonetheless. I have seen tons of pictures on Pinterest and other food blogs of people who make hash browns in their waffle maker. For some reason, instead of reading any of these recipes, I decided to wing it. Not only have I never made anything in a waffle maker besides a waffle, but I have also never made a hash brown of any sort. Needless to say, the taste tester did not have high hopes. Read more

Tiramisu Without Raw Eggs!

In an effort to redeem myself from the cake debacle of last weekend, this weekend I attempted a tiramisu to share at our Easter celebration. I am happy to report that, despite having never made (and possibly never eaten) tiramisu prior to this weekend, I was able to turn out something that was not only edible, but actually delicious.

In searching for a recipe, I found that most tiramisu recipes call for raw eggs. I am not sure where I stand on the raw egg debate-are they ok to eat or not? I mean if it’s in raw cookie dough or cake batter that I am eating alone, bring it on. But, in a dessert I have never made before that I am going to be serving to a large group of people, ehhh, I was more than a little hesitant. Therefore, I meshed a few recipes together to come up with this one for tiramisu without raw eggs.* Read more

Oven Roasted Chickpeas & Millet Breakfast Bowl

This recipe has a lot of ingredients that might be considered “new” or out of the norm for most people, but bear with me. I am not really sure how I came upon this recipe. For some reason, I ended up with a bunch of leftover whole grains in my pantry (barley, quinoa, millet, etc.) and I was looking for recipes to use them up. I came upon a recipe for Jeweled Millet and soon I found myself ordering Harissa on Amazon (because where in the world would I find that besides Amazon-I had no clue). Read more

Cadbury Egg Monster Cookies

This weekend I set out to make the prettiest, most perfect, most deliciously moist and colorful Easter dessert. Unfortunately that is not the topic of this post. The “perfect” dessert was great in theory, a lemon, jello poke cake (inspired by this recipe) with beautiful pink frosting. It was going to be made from scratch with no artificial flavors or colors, but alas, I forgot one teensy thing when I was making it: I am terrible at baking! I have failed at cakes over and over again, even once before on Easter, yet I seem to forget this every time I find an inspiring recipe. Failure is, obviously, part of this whole cooking/blogging/living thing, so while I was a little bummed, I didn’t get too upset (and I still ate the cake, I just didn’t feel right posting a recipe for a cake that takes all day and comes out looking and tasting just ok). Read more

Blackberry Lemonade Pancakes

Just in time for the weekend, I bring you my first breakfast recipe! Weekend breakfasts is something I look forward to all week, a holdover from the days when my parents would make pancakes (colored with food coloring), waffles, and biscuits and gravy on lazy Saturday mornings. With spring on the (distant) horizon, I recently found myself looking to change up my regular breakfast rotation of chocolate pecan waffles and chocolate banana pancakes. Not that there’s anything wrong with chocolate and more chocolate, but as the temperature rises above freezing and all the snow starts to melt I find myself itching to try something new. Read more

Chicken Piccata with Spaghetti Squash

I used to think pasta was healthy. Whole grain pasta, at least. I read labels in the grocery store, selecting the brands with the fewest ingredients, made with only 100% whole grain. I always had pasta in my pantry (and by  “pantry” I am obviously referring to my assigned shelf in a kitchen shared with 1-3 roommates). It was quick, easy, cheap, and I could make it with almost anything (or almost nothing if my cabinets were pretty bare). I ate pasta at least once a week through undergrad and into the beginning of law school. Read more

Fig and Olive Tapenade with Goat Cheese

I love having people over. The only hobby I enjoy more than cooking is inviting people into my home so that they can tell me what a good cook I am! A major perk to being in the mid-to-late twenties age range is that most of my friends don’t really expect a lot when it comes to party food. Generally just having food available leads to much appreciation and praise. I can’t tell you how many times I have impressed friends with my ability to make massive amounts of stove-top popcorn smothered in butter and served at an opportune moment when everyone is simultaneously starving and unwilling to actually leave the apartment in search of food.

Olive Center

Even though my regular party guests are easy to impress, that doesn’t stop me from occasionally attempting elaborate, expensive, and exorbitantly messy feats in the name of entertaining. This was a habit pointed out to me recently when I was contemplating the menu for our Super Bowl party. My taste tester, who has witnessed various disasters in the past said this: “Make whatever you want, but try to focus on having fun and not making a mess.” This is my new rule in entertaining. Parties will be so much more fun for you-and your guests-when you can be relaxed, fully present, and not preoccupied with trying to prepare and clean-up a culinary masterpiece. I still try to be adventurous when it comes to entertaining, but now I seek out simple recipes that can be made easily in advance. Read more

Broccoli That Doesn’t Taste Like Broccoli

President Obama claims his favorite food is broccoli. Now, I don’t want to get overly political in my very first blog post, but I’m calling BS. I don’t think anyone’s favorite food is broccoli. There are just so many better choices. Broccoli is, however, good for you. Like really good, basically one of the best things you can eat. So, I do try to work it into my diet pretty regularly. I try to do so in ways that don’t involve smothering it with cheese or adding a bunch of unnecessary calories because I would rather save my limited amount of daily calories for something really enjoyable instead of something masking enhancing the taste of vegetables.

Broc Best ZoomThat’s where this broccoli comes in. Read more