No-Carb Turkey Meatballs

Every so often, the taste tester and I attempt to do a “carb cycle” that involves completely eliminating carbs for 1-2 days, eating moderate carbs for a few days, and then loading up on carbs on a treat day. This is usually some attempt to lose weight quickly or at least appear thinner in photos. It almost never works, mostly because it is almost impossible to eat zero carbs in a day. It is 1000x easier to just maintain a routine of healthy eating than to attempt to lose weight by crash dieting. However, the one plus of this experiment is that it does get me thinking about ingredients in food. Read more

Grilled Pizza: Your New Summer BBQ Staple

I have kind of been a little absent around here lately and I would apologize but I have a really really good excuse. I am studying for a little thing called the Bar Exam. While only a small fraction of you have probably ever taken said exam, I am sure everyone reading this has had a friend/relative/enemy/acquaintance complain about it at one time or another.

I heard all the complaints, the warnings about how difficult it would be. Foolishly, I thought to myself, it can’t be that hard, I am going to have so much free time once school is out. I found through my law school experience that people tend to over exaggerate the difficulty of the process and I thought studying for the Bar Exam would be similar. I seriously thought that studying for the Bar would take maybe four hours per day and I would have the rest of my days free to do whatever I wanted. And I was seriously wrong. Read more

Key Lime Pie

For some people, the biggest social nightmare imaginable is showing up at an event wearing the same outfit as someone else. Granted, these people are women, because most men at any event tend to be wearing some variation of the same outfit anyway. This has never really been an issue or fear for me, probably because I don’t tend to have an adventurous fashion sense and therefore do not put a lot of creativity into my clothing choices.

Key Lime Pie

However, the food blogger equivalent of this scenario happened to me last weekend. I made this key lime pie for a Memorial Day BBQ, which I thought was a safe choice because key lime pie is not the type of thing that shows up very often. Well, wouldn’t it be my luck that someone would show up with the EXACT SAME PIE, but luckily, theirs was purchased from Costco so no one was put in the unfortunate position of having to judge who was the better cook. I was nervous, however, that the bakery at a big-box store would show up the pie I spent a couple hours baking the day before. Read more