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Foodiocentric is a tax lawyer by day and dinner-maker/ice cream creator/blog writer by night and weekend. She has a lifelong love of homemade ice cream fueled by many memories of enjoying homemade vanilla fresh from the maker at barbeques and family reunions. She learned as an adult that homemade ice cream can be rather finicky and strives to make homemade ice cream accessible for everyone, regardless of skill level or dietary restrictions. She lives in Michigan with her husband, The Taste Tester, and two adorable dog-children, Lilly, a five-year old tri-colored Collie and Daisy, a one-year-old black and white merle coated Australian Shepherd. She loves talking to readers and hopes you will write to her any time at foodiocentric@gmail.com,”like” her Facebook page, or follow her on Instagram (@foodiocentric).

Kitchen mess-maker who occasionally creates something delicious but more often sacrifices taste in the name of health. Enjoys sunny days, being outside (even when it’s cold), long walks and occasional runs, Jeopardy, and breakfast. Would never¬†waste¬†dessert, wine, or an opportunity to eat a turkey leg (they can be so hard to find!).

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