Easy Food for Busy People: Eggs Poached in Tomato Sauce

There are times in life when it seems natural to spend lots of time in the kitchen, making special, labor intensive meals. Christmas, birthdays, and long, cold weekends seem to almost demand those special, all-day-in-the-oven type meals. If you’re anything like me, when you find yourself with free time, you may like to take on cooking projects that are just as likely to end in failure as success, but undoubtedly push you to become better and more confident in the kitchen.

Then there are the other seasons in life. The time when sitting down and actually eating your food while it is still warm seems like an accomplishment. Maybe your kids are small or you’re busy at work or you decided to study for the bar exam, shop for a house, and train a new puppy all at the same time. Whatever the reason, this can be a time of learning in the kitchen as well. Read more

Maple Walnut Turtle Ice Cream

Yesterday, I shared everything you never wanted to know about the struggle that is making homemade ice cream. It is not easy, but I maintain that it is worth it. I love dreaming up new flavor combinations. Lately, I have been attempting to make “healthier” versions with fewer ingredients. I am also trying to use more wholesome sweeteners and reduce the overall sugar content of the recipes. This recipe is complicated, but it requires very few ingredients, all of which can be organic. I know ice cream should be more of a treat and less of an everyday thing, but I live in Michigan and summer is fleeting and I have to study all day every day and I am an adult now so if I want to have ice cream every day I can! And you can too! And if you use this recipe, you can feel a tiny bit better about its wholesomeness and maybe sort of convince yourself that you really needed all that calcium anyway. Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Homemade Ice Cream

Throughout my childhood, at BBQs and fish fries, there was always the ice cream maker, churning away and turning a simple mixture of milk and cream into the perfect cold, creamy topping for blackberry cobbler in just a few hours’ time. I learned early that anything store-bought couldn’t hold a candle to homemade, and ice cream was no exception. As far as I was concerned, store-bought ice cream and homemade ice cream were not even the same food.

So last summer, when I purchased my first ice cream maker, I had high expectations. The taste tester had never sampled this homemade goodness, so I had visions of wowing him with this new discovery. To say it got off to a rough start is an understatement. The recipe that came with the machine basically  amounted to frozen whipped cream. At my wit’s end, I called my grandma, who gave me her recipe which made approximately 4x the amount I needed. It turns out that those machines I had grown up with made quite a bit more ice cream than my new countertop version. However, by scaling down her version, I was able to come up with an acceptable recipe, which I used to make the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Milk Ice Cream this spring. The problem with this version is that it is meant to be consumed immediately and requires alcohol to prevent it from freezing solid.

So, as summer has arrived outside and I continue to spend my days stuck inside on my computer, I have found myself conducting extensive ice cream research and experimentation. In case you are crazy enough to attempt a foray into this surprisingly complicated and frustrating venture, I have compiled what I have learned thus far. This is not a “guide” so much as it is a”what not to do,” but hopefully by sharing my mistakes I can prevent some of yours. If you have a tip for making the perfect homemade ice cream, please share. Summer is only half over and there is hope for me yet! Read more