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What is Foodiocentric?

The name FoodioCentric is derived from the word heliocentric, which means “having or representing the sun as the center . . . of the solar system.” I took a long time naming this blog, sourcing ideas from family, unable to find one that felt just right. I was inspired by the M.F.K. Fisher quote, “First we eat, then we do everything else,” and the ongoing theme in my life that, no matter what else I am doing, I am always thinking of food first. It was actually my husband, AKA The Taste Tester, who came up with the name “Foodiocentric.”

While the idea that life revolves around food is mostly comedic, it also rings true. As the quote above says, “First we eat.” Food is literally the fuel that enables us to accomplish every other goal in life, so it makes sense that it is the center of every occasion, big and small. I don’t know about you, but in my family, “first we eat” is the mantra for every occasion. We don’t open a present, cut a cake, or hit the dance floor until we first sit together and shared an amazing meal. I come from a long line of amazing home cooks who believe that every day is a special occasion. Foodiocentric is a celebration of all of life’s occasions, with recipes for big holidays, small holidays, made up holidays, and every day in between. For those days in between, we try to focus on healthy, real food meals that taste great!

“Healthy” is a term of art, it means different things to different people. To me, a healthy meal is a meal I feel comfortable eating on a weekday, i.e. if I ate this every day I would feel great and not gain weight. That means its probably a lean protein or vegetarian entrée prepared in a way that doesn’t add a ton of calories (i.e. no sugary sauces, not a lot of cheese, no deep frying).

“Real Food” is easy to define, as I subscribe to Lisa Leake’s definition at 100 Days of Real Food. Any real food recipes will contain no artificial sweeteners (honey & maple syrup only) and no refined grains.

I reserve the right to include the occasional off-topic post, especially if it is dog related.

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