Meal Plan for January 16-22

So, I’ll get to the meal plan in a bit, but let me just brag on myself for one whole week of no alarm snoozing! I didn’t think it was possible, but I have made it through. I feel like I have made it through the hardest part and it will only get easier going forward. I keep reminding myself that if I stick with it, eventually the sun will be out when I wake up!!

Let me interrupt this bragging session with a little truth: I totally got out of bed when my alarm went off 5/5 days last week. BUTTTT, on Friday, I hopped out of bed, got dressed, took my dogs outside, THEN decided I was way too tired to work out and went to crawl back in bed for an hour. So, not perfect, but technically I didn’t hit the snooze alarm.

I am doing so much better with working out and I am feeling better because of it. Working out in the morning is crucial during this busy season. There have been many days that I have intended to do a second workout in the evening but completely run out of time. Having those workouts finished in the morning makes me feel not so guilty about this.

I have also been eating way better and mostly stuck with the meal plan last week. I ate dinner twice at work, both times opting to order out instead of packing a dinner. Right now, my dinner-at-work nights are spontaneous and sporadic, so I haven’t been able to plan ahead. I have been able to keep things pretty healthy by mostly ordering soups and salads. As the season wears on, I may have to revise my approach.

Last week, I did have time to try out one of my new recipes, this salmon recipe from Cooking Light magazine. Both TT and I actually liked the fish, which is new for us as we are not big fish eaters. I was not impressed with the potatoes, which may have been due to me adding wayyyy too much oil. Either fry the potatoes or don’t, but don’t go half way like I did. You will end up consuming all the grease, with none of the delicious crispiness. The horseradish sauce was also delicious, even TT, who does not like horseradish, enjoyed it. I replaced the fresh dill with dried as that’s what I had on hand.

Yesterday, TT and I attended the brunch buffet which did not disappoint. I was able to control myself around the shrimp cocktail this year, opting to eat breakfast first and save the cheese and shrimp for the lunch portion of the meal. Topped off with an ice cream sundae, it was a great meal as usual. But, after a big, unhealthy meal on Sunday, I really have to watch my “treats” this week, especially at work.

Here’s the meal plan for the week:


Bulletproof coffee or smoothies/protein shakes, keeping it simple and healthy.


Leftover Mediterranean food from the weekend, supplemented with sliced cucumbers and salad. I am limiting myself to two yogurts per week. This week, Siggis was on sale so I stocked up. I am so pumped to try the peach flavor!


On Sunday, I made chili and cornbread to keep as leftovers for the week, as I will likely have to eat at work a few times. Hopefully TT does not get tired of eating the same thing 3-4 times this week.

Monday: This week’s Recipe Club recipe, which can be found here and on my Facebook page.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: Combination of me eating at work, leftovers from Sunday and Monday, and one night, a very modified version of this recipe (TT doesn’t like soy sauce or black pepper) that I read about on Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity, which I mentioned in last week’s post.

Apologies for the lack of a plan! 3 more weeks!

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