DoggioCentric: Because Right Now My Life Revolves Around Dogs

If you came to this site, it’s probably because you are looking for a recipe or something else food-related. I mean FOOD is right there in the name! BUT I did warn you in the About page that just because life revolves around food doesn’t mean food is all there is.

And this summer, my life has not been revolving around food. It has been revolving around the Bar Exam (which is over now-thank God!) and THIS little angel/devil of a puppy that the Taste Tester and I adopted back in May.

Although we already have one dog, Lilly, this is my first time with a little baby dog. And I have to tell you, adopting a puppy is A LOT different than adopting a grown-up dog. I will tell you more about that later. That’s why I started this little sub-section of the blog known as DoggioCentric, where I will tell you about all things puppy/dog. Or at least all the things I know. Which, it turns out, isn’t that many things.

But I am learning. Read more

Losing Weight with Fitbit: Is 10,000 Steps Enough?

If you have a Fitbit (or know anyone who has a Fitbit), you are undoubtedly familiar with the recommended goal of 10,000 steps. 10,000 steps, it seems, has become the metric for measuring fitness and activity among users. The exact wording alludes me now, but I recall that when I first set-up my Fitbit Force, it suggested that 10,000 steps was a realistic goal for a moderately active person.

I absolutely LOVE my Fitbit Activity Tracker (I have the original Force)! I have used it for nearly two years now and it has definitely¬†encouraged me to be more active and work toward achieving my 10,000 steps every day. Recently, in an attempt to lose weight, I started paying more attention to the “calories burned” metric instead of just looking at the step counter.

Here’s what I learned: Read more