Foodiocentric’s Christmas Decorating Tips (It’s not too late!)

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I can hear you through the internet, you’re saying, “it’s too late for decorating ideas and tips” and “my decorations are already up, how can you possibly help now.” Well, I assure you, this post is timely. Because it might be a little late to change your decorating style this year, but right now is the perfect time to plan for next year. Why? I will tell you: Read more

Classic Gingerbread Cookies

Prior to last Christmas, I have never been a fan of gingerbread cookies. I recall one year when, at my request, my mom agreed to let me try my hand at them, even though she was confident I would not enjoy eating them (she was right!). After that one year, I can’t remember ever trying gingerbread again.

Until last year. Last year, despite the fact that I have 1. never constructed a gingerbread house, 2. never baked gingerbread and 3. never been particularly patient/precise/good at baking, I decided to create my own gingerbread house, complete with a gingerbread family, from scratch. By hand. With no cookie cutters. And without creating any type of stencil/template/plan. Basically I made gingerbread, cut it into squares of roughly the same size, and hoped for the best. Read more