Easy Cheese Plate: Brie

It’s no secret that I love cheese! Who doesn’t? The Taste Tester claims that my answer to any recipe that goes awry is to #putsomecheeseonit. I don’t deny it. So you would think I would love a good cheese plate, right? WRONG! Well, actually I do love a good cheese plate, but I hate preparing them. Cheese is expensive. And it’s hard to know what cheeses pair well together. Plus, then you need toppings or crackers or accessories to go with each cheese. It can soon become overwhelming. Enter the easy cheese plate. Also know as the cheater’s cheese plate.

This easy cheese plate was totally inspired by my visit with the sample lady at Kroger. After I created that easy cheese plate, I thought-why couldn’t I do this over and over again? The key to the easy cheese plate is presentation. Limiting ingredients is what makes the easy cheese plate easy, so it’s important to make sure that you make those ingredients count. Another thing I like about this particular easy cheese plate? It’s 100% NSNG-friendly and totally carb-free. That makes this easy cheese plate also a healthy cheese plate.

To create this cheese plate, you first need a gorgeous base. A platter, cheese board, or cutting board is perfect. If you have doubts, err on the side of smaller, as it will make your easy cheese plate look more bountiful. Then, add the cheese. I like to add the cheese a little off-center. It’s unexpected and really makes for a nice presentation. This cheese plate centers around brie. If you would like your brie to ooze out beautifully, slice off a small slice of one side, then microwave in 30-second increments until you reach your desired melty-ness.

Next, add your fruits, veggies, and nuts. I like to choose a colorful mix of fruits and veggies that will hold a good amount of cheese. Make sure you choose various colors. This plate uses cucumbers, pears, apples, strawberries, and nuts. It’s nice to have a mix of sweet and savory that blend well with your cheese.

Start by placing your largest fruits or veggies, in this case the apple and pear. Then, add the cucumber. Fill in any gaps with strawberries and nuts. Boom. In five minutes you have created a delicious, healthy, and beautiful easy cheese plate sure to impress your friends. Imagine whipping this up when someone unexpectedly drops by. How special would that make your unexpected guest feel?

Easy cheese plate, for the win!

My cheese knives are from Crate & Barrel here.

The awesome cutting board was a gift from my parents. I am pretty sure they found it by Googling “Michigan Cutting Board.” I can’t find it at the moment but I will continue to look. Make sure you get one made in Michigan!


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