Easy Cheese Plate

I have been known to overdo it when it comes to entertaining. In my past life, I would have steered away from this easy cheese plate, for fear it was too easy to impress. This has lead to disaster on more than one occasion (see: Mother’s Day). Add this to the list of the Taste Tester’s great annoyances. He has been known to complain or even be hesitant to host certain events due to this charming quality. But, he has a point. When you are overwhelmed and frazzled, it doesn’t really matter how good the food tastes, your guests probably aren’t going to have a great time. After all, your guests came to see YOU, not the back of your head as you stir pots and pull things in and out of the oven and maybe set off the fire alarm.

That’s why, when it comes to entertaining, I have tried to adopt the keep it simple policy. I have found that guests are impressed enough with your presence and the fact that they are being served a delicious meal. No need to make complex dishes, just focus on simplicity to maximize time for enjoying one and other’s company.

So, I am always on the hunt for simple dishes that still look impressive. When I ran across this delicious sample at Kroger last week, I knew it could serve as the base of a super easy cheese plate. Yes, that’s right, this is totally inspired by Kroger. I am all about the samples when I am shopping, but I normally don’t stop at the wine sample station because they always require ID. But, last Saturday, the wine lady lured me in with a very easy cheese plate of crackers topped with Irish cheddar and honey. It was so delicious I actually bought the cheese and the crackers! I know this is the goal of those sample stations, but I bet I have bought approximately 2% of items I have sampled.

One time it was fish patties at Costco that didn’t taste “that bad” at the sample station, but were so gross after we got home with 2 dozen of them! TT actually threw them away as a birthday present to me!

So, this is not much of a recipe. To complete this easy cheese plate you will need:

  • Irish Cheddar-I used MRRY Irish Cheddar as that was what was on sale, you can find it at Kroger with a green rind. Any sharp, white cheddar would work
  • Honey
  • Crackers-Mine were Mariner Stoned Wheat, but any mild flavored cracker would work, just make sure you get one that has flecks of salt
  • Apple or other fruit
  • Olives or other antipasti, if desired

Slice the cheese to fit each cracker. Top some crackers with desired fruit. Drizzle honey over the cheese. This will be messy, so I recommend doing it on another plate then transferring to your serving platter. To arrange your platter, start with the largest item, in my case the honey and cheese. My honey was in an adorable pot so I just removed the label. The squeeze bottle of honey would be great for serving! Then, place the cheese on the platter. Next, arrange the fruit, then the crackers, and finally use your olives or another fruit to fill in the gaps. Make sure to set out plenty of extra crackers and some serving utensils, like these adorable spoons for the honey.

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