Really Easy Pie Crust

All my life, I have never understood the fuss over pie crust. I have heard people complain that it’s difficult to make or finicky, but this was not something I had ever experienced. Recipes that required pages of instructions and multiple refrigerations and par-baking-what did that even mean? And store-bought pie crust? To this day, I’m not sure I’ve eaten it. Why buy store-bought when you can make it yourself? Read more

Cheap Eats: Greek Yogurt Pasta

Pasta has a pretty bad rap these days, and mostly for good reason. The serving sizes are pretty puny when compared to its vegetable noodle equivalents and I don’t find it particularly filling. If you make a meal on only pasta, you may find yourself feeling pretty chubby over the next few days, especially if you are a carb-avoider like me!

BUT, this pasta, is┬áSO WORTH IT! First, it couldn’t be easier to prep. It comes together so quickly and it could be a one-pot meal if you skip the mushrooms. Second, instead of loading up the carb-heavy pasta with a creamy, fat-laden, coma inducing sauce, these noodles are nestled in a pool of Greek yogurt. And, as we all know, Greek yogurt is pretty low in calories and has tons of health benefits such as providing protein, being super filling, and filling your belly with lots of good bacteria. Not to mention, this is CHEAP to make and will last several days in the fridge. Read more