Baked Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

I realize this blog is relatively new, so it might be hard to get a feel for the overall “theme.” Right now the title could be “stuff that I have eaten recently.” But, if you take a look at the last few posts, a pattern definitely starts to emerge. Most recently it was Greek salad, then a low calorie dip, red beans & rice, grilled chicken, and a soup I invented specifically to jump start a healthy eating plan. What do all these recipes and posts have in common? They are all healthy and/or low in calories and there is not a single dessert in the mix.

While I absolutely, vehemently do not believe in dieting in the traditional sense of the word (I plan to do a whole post about this eventually), there are periods of time where I do restrict what I eat more severely than others. Spring is one of those times. Read more

Greek Quinoa Salad

You guys probably aren’t aware of this, because up to this point they have been unmentioned, but I, like most people, live life according to a certain set of rules or principles, if you will. Some are pre-determined by a higher power (Thou shalt not steal), or the government (speed limits, grrr) and some I impose upon myself. One of the rules that I have created for myself is that I never, EVER buy tomatoes at the grocery store. I LOVE tomatoes, like seriously, all caps, L-O-V-E! But, the so-called “tomatoes” sold out of season at the grocery store are nothing close to a vine-ripened tomato pulled from your own backyard in late July. It’s not even the same food. And a tomato that’s been kept in the fridge? Bleck! So, grocery store tomatoes=waste of money. Read more

White Bean Feta Dip

I’m not sure if you all realize this, but Memorial Day is this weekend! That means summer is like four days away. You might not be aware of this if you, like me, live in the frozen tundra Michigan where for some reason it was 30 degrees last night. Yesterday the high was 50. Fifty degrees feels just swell in March, but in May? Not so much.

Side Note: One thing this blog has made me realize is I complain about the weather A LOT. BUT, I live in Michigan, so I am entitled. If you live farther south and you want to complain to me about the rain/snow/sleet/cold, I have no patience for you. Read more

Cheap Eats: My Mom’s Red Beans & Rice

Mother’s Day was this week and if I hadn’t been completely swamped I would have posted this post before. But, as they say, better late than never. (Side note-I am never late, I pride myself on being on time. And honestly, in college and law school, I would rather not go to class than walk into a room filled with 80 people after the class had started. Can you think of anything more mortifying? So, in my case, it was better never than late, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it, and, since this is my blog and I am on my schedule, I will relax the rules just this once.) Read more

Lemon Chicken with Cherry Couscous

A few weeks ago, Eating Well magazine inspired me to make this. In the same magazine, I found another recipe, but it seemed pretty healthy (aka not that tasty) and it used chicken (never exciting) and it called for weird ingredients, so I tossed it to the side. Then, just as we geared up for finals, I was searching for some healthy recipes that could be prepared quickly and I found myself thumbing through the same magazine. This recipe seemed to fit the bill, but I hesitated because again-weird ingredients.

Cherry Chicken Couscous

First, the recipe called for freekeh. And I thought what the freak is freekeh? In my mind, I am so punny! (See what I did there?) Anyway, I do think I know what freekeh is (some kind of grain?), but I had a cabinet full of half bags of grain and freekah was not one of them. We Our roommate had a box of Trader Joe’s couscous that has lived in our cupboard as long as he as lived in our condo (which is ever longer than me) so destiny determined that couscous would replace the freekeh. Even though the taste tester supposedly hates couscous, he hates spending money more, so he got on board. Read more