Shepherd’s Hand Pies

In honor of the holiday yesterday, I wanted to drop in today with a quick little celebration post. What, you didn’t know yesterday was a holiday? Your work and school didn’t close in honor of National Pi Day? That’s Pi, not Pie, as in 3.14 or March 14. So maybe it’s not the most famous holiday, but any holiday observed with the eating of pie is worthy of celebration to me. So, if you forgot to celebrate yesterday, let’s roll out our crusts and make up for it this weekend.

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Green Muffins with Banana and Kiwi

Lately, I have been on a bit of a smoothie kick. I would say the Taste Tester and I have been on this smoothie kick, except that the Taste Tester has been less than enthusiastic and supportive about this recent habit. I love the idea of starting our day with a whole bunch of fruits and veggies. TT, on the other hand, loves the idea of starting his day with nothing but coffee and maybe a granola bar mid-morning. And, I will admit, some of my smoothies have been less than delicious. Without going into too many gory details, let’s just say that sweet potato in a smoothie doesn’t exactly work. We have always been protein shake drinkers, but I was recently given a NutiBullet Rx, which has greatly broadened the realm of fruits and veggies that I can blend into a smoothie. This thing will blend anything. I have been using it for several weeks now and it consistently produces completely smooth smoothies in 1-2 minutes. (#notsponsored!). The introduction of this new appliance and the cookbook that came with it has lead to the purchase of many items I would not have previously considered purchasing. One such item is the gigantic box of pre-washed spinach.

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Shamrock Pancakes

In honor of National Pancake Day, I am posting two pancake recipes in a row! Remember last week, when I told you about my Confetti Cake Pancakes that totally started out healthy but then morphed? Well, these pancakes totally make up for last weekend’s unhealthy pancakes and they are equally yummy!

The greenish hue comes not from artificial food coloring, but instead from a touch of spinach juice, which I promise you can’t taste at all.  Could they be greener? Totally. And for St. Patty’s Day, you might want to use a touch of green food coloring. But, I don’t like to use artificial colors and I am okay with just a greenish hue as opposed to an outright green pancake. Totally up to you. Read more